May 22, 2009


Whatever stage of life you are in, whether you are unemployed, a student, a corp member, a very busy banker, ateacher, a jambite, a military person, a retiree, or any vocation you may belong to. You dont have to attend a computer school or be a guru with the use of the computer before you can meke steady and completely legal money online. Alot of people spend money to check their e-mail, chat online, meet friends on facebook, etc; which is good. But they leave out the fact that they too can cool money along with their regular activities online. Have you ever wondered how yahoo, facebook, google, etc make their money? You think they are doing it all for free? Like one of my former boss in the bank would say: "there is no free lunch anywhere in the world". Do you know that as you register on one website or the other, as you download a free game, e-book, software, etc, somebody is making money through your actions. You need to be aware of how you too can profit from the opportunity the internet presents us today. Money making is all about adding value to someone. And this is not a difficult thing at all with the leverage of the internet. You have something that someone out there needs. This age is often referred to as the information age. Be informed, change the course of your life today by getting adequate information.

The information:
Nigeria's leading internet marketer Oluwafisayo Akinlolu, popularly called Mr Ghost, explains in clear details how he has been generating millions of naira for himself over the years through the internet here in Nigeria in this e-book called "The Ghost Blueprint". His methods are so simple even my grandma can give it a try.

Money Back Guarantee:
I want to put your mind at rest by putting the entire risk on my shoulders. I'm making this investment risk free for you. I'm offering you a money back guarantee. If you purchase this package and discover that it does not make sense to you at all, or it does not seem to you like something worth your money. Please just send me a text within three days of purchase and I will refund your money with my unreserved apology. No story! What do you have to loose?

Ordering Instructions:
This information package capable of changing your life forever costs just N1,500 only. To get your copy reach out to Adekunle Ifabiyi at Abimbola Avenue Junction, beside Skyworld Communications, off Tipper Garage, Tanke, Ilorin, Kwara State. OR Pay cash to any Guarantee Trust Bank Plc. Account Name: Adekunle Ifabiyi. Account number:442 456934 1590 and send payment details : full name, valid e-mail address, depositor's name, teller number, amount paid and branch paid into, to 08062446847.
Or to Intercontinental Bank Plc: Acct no: 0167110000047372 , Acct name: Adekunle Ifabiyi. Once payment is confirmed you get your package within 24 hours anywhere in the world via e-mail. You can be sure the price will not remain at this level for long . Over 10,000 people currently have access to this advert. For every 100 ciopies sold, I will increase the price till it gets to its original price of N5000. If you are truly interested, my advice is that you act fast and pay for your copy of the package now.

Food For Thought:
It is wisdom to learn what you don't know in order to be what you desire to be. Only fools refuse to learn. It has been discovered thet POOR people are those who Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly. Take action today and give your life a turnaround in the right direction.

Feb 10, 2009


Today (after midnight) is one of those days when I have a little time before I sleep to actually think (almost worry) about where the ship of my life is being steered. Don’t be fooled, i’m also human. I get to wonder at times if the future will be as good as I desire it to be, but the difference with me, is that I catch myself quickly and conciously decide to think of the things that I know I should rather be thinking of. The things that are true, lovely, pure, just, praise worthy e.t.c.
I remembered a story in the Bible this morning. Jesus needed to spend some time alone, and asked his disciples to go ahead in the ship. He stayed behind to pray, and when he was through decided to go join the disciples. Seeing they had gone far into the sea, he decides to take a stroll on the sea waves (wow…I wish I could do that). The disciples were having a really rough time, and to compound things, they saw a ghost bouncing on the waves of the sea. They were terrified! Jesus decided to calm their nerves, he announced to them, “Take courage,It is I, don’t be afraid”. Wow, they saw the master himself, riding on the waves of the sea. I’m certain it’s a site worth going back to the past to see, but that’s not quite the cornerpiece of our analogy tonight. Peter did something really strange in this story, he beckons on Jesus to give him permission to come over to meet him. He also wanted to experience the supernatural, he wanted to walk on the waves of the sea. He wanted something a bit more than the everyday walk. Well, I don’t know if it shocked you, but it shocked me, Jesus asked him to come! Have you ever had a little baby girl stand in front of you demanding to share in the food you are eating? The food is a few degrees below boiling point, and even you are struggling to down it. Surely, the answer is no! Not because you don’t love her, not because she is not hungry, but because you know where that experience will lead. To be in a hurry to eat hot food, is to stand the risk of the mouth being burnt, and to use the burnt mouth to eat cold food. But Jesus asked him to come, that meant it was a task that had no negative consequence, it was something he would do, if he had the faith to ask. All the others did not ask, so they were not qualified.
Peter actually took his first step, eyes all fixed on Jesus, the one that bid him come! He took his second step, third, and maybe more. He probably would have made it to Jesus…but something happened. He momentarily took his eyes off his source of confidence and took a fresh look at the present realities. He worried. The winds blew, the waves lifted, his eyes shifted. Isn’t this usually the pattern? Here you are, doing something you believe you ought to do, following your passions, living your dreams. Here you are hearkening to instruction you believe you heard, and out of the blues, the naked cold statistics of reality steers you in the face. The wind blows, the waves lift and your eyes shift.
Peter’s eyes shifted, he lost his concentration. He took his eyes from that which absolved him of temporary realities. As soon as he did, he began to sink! I remember when i spoke to my mentor about my desires to go into business fully. I remember what he told me. He said, “I think you are ready, but know this one thing ahead, it’s going to be by your choosing to go that way, nothing around may collaborate it, but make up your mind to stick with your decision, at the end you’ll be glad you did”. That’s like saying reality usually does not confirm bold decisions. He that gazes on the waves will sink. How often do we start something new - a job, a business, a project, a family, a relationship, with so much excitement, only to get inside of it to be stunned with reality. How often have we had occassions that shifted our gaze from what we chose to emulate? You are not alone! Don’t take your gaze off your source of faith, don’t loose focus. But if you do?
Peter called for help! How many times do we run from help because we don’t want to hear the phrase, “I told you so”? If you’ve found yourself in this sequence, ask for help. It’s not macho to suffer in silence, it’s stupid. You and I would probably have told him, it’s all his fault, but Jesus was there to the rescue. Things are never so bad, and unredeemable until we feel too much of a biggie to ask for help. Learn to learn quickly from your mistakes and plot a course to the top. Help will always be available when you need it.
Food for thought
If Peter did not ask to walk on water he never would have- Nothing ventured nothing gained!If Peter had kept his eye on Jesus he never would have sank - Either fix your gaze, or catch yourself back quickly!
If Jesus didn’t want Peter to walk on water, he would have told him to wait - God’s plans for our lives sometimes involve moving with courage and hope.
The winds are bound to come, and reality usually will not immediately corroborate aspirations. Be ready for it. The war that is foretold shouldn’t kill a wise cripple.When you are loosing your grip and about to sink, don’t act macho, cry out for help!
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Dec 18, 2008

Opportunities abound

Daily I come across diverse opportunities online and offline. I wonder what people do saying there is no job. For me I chose to create jobs, I chose to solve problems for people in exchange for a token fare. Anywhere you see problems there lies opportunities for you to succeed. Tap into it, put your mid to work and even you would be amazed at the result you'd come out with. Never give up, your vistory is right in front of you.

Dec 8, 2008


Hello friend,
It's a brand new day this morning filled with lots of possibilities, accomplishments, success and pleasant surprises all for you. Get out with the right mindset today, be positive in your thinking, anticipate to get the best of today and give it all you've got.
There is more power in your mind than you have in your muscles. You can accomplish more with the determination of your mind than in your physical abilities. Believe in yourself, square up, shest out, load yoursrlf with all the confidence you've got. Above all, involve God. Your life definitely would be filled with success as you live your life in this manner.
Your best days are ahead of you. Make use of the opportunities you come across, help people.

Knowledge implemented

A lot of people have certain talents, abilities, potentials and diverse opportunities all around their vicinity but they fail to use them. They have been made to believe that money never comes so easy. But what is money? Money are ideas, money is created, money flows to the person that has service to render in solving a particular need.
If you want money, go about solving problems for people and you'll be making yourself one with the wealthy. We were created to be like God and create the things we want to have. If only you know the potentials that lie within you, you would take yourself more seriously and make use of the information that you have to create service for people and attract money to yourself.
Everybody has something unique to offer that no other person can offer like him/her. Look deep within you, make use of that thing you have, leverage your way and make your life worthwhile and fulfilling.
Whatever you are in life, you are responsible for you. Information makes a whole lot of difference when you have acces to them and you implement them in your favour and in the good of humanity. Everybody has something to contribute to make our world a better place. Discover yourself and take action.
You do not know how much you are missing in lieing unproductive. Do something, meke the best use of your time and other resources. Be responsible, be consistent. Never give up, for if a man is prepared to stand forever, then it will not take long. make upyour mind to be a success and contribute your quota to better the lives of many.
Implement the knowledge you have.